What the Course Entails

The Apocalypse Course is a short, intensive course recommended as a foundation for anyone wanting to study future courses on SufiCourse.com.

Topics To Be Discussed:

- Armageddon  

- Second Coming of Lord Jesus Christ

- Advent of Imam Mehdi

- The Divine Signs

- Human Behaviour in the End Times

- Emergence of the Antichrist

 - Gog Magog

- And much more!

Scriptures to Be Referenced:  

- The Quran

- The Bible (St James)

- The Torah

- Prophetic Traditions (Hadith)

- Gospel of Thomas

- Bhagavad Gita

Course curriculum

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Younus AlGohar

Sufi Spiritual Revivalist

Younus AlGohar

Sufi Younus AlGohar is a peace activist, a mystic, a writer, a poet, a CEO and the host of ALRA TV’s live show, Sufi Online. He holds a master’s degree in Islamic Studies.

Sufi Younus AlGohar met his Spiritual Master and teacher, His Divine Eminence Gohar Shahi, while he was at college. Under the auspicious supervision of HDE Gohar Shahi, Sufi Younus AlGohar crossed the spiritual milestones many of us have only read about. From Dhakuriyah (commemoration of God’s name in the subtleties) to Muraqibah (Transcendental Meditation) to Deedar-e-Ilahi (witnessing the divine splendour), Sufi Younus AlGohar experienced it all - and more.

Now, having spent most of his life walking the Sufi path, he has been working to make this mystical doctrine accessible for all.

In the series of courses offered here, Sufi Younus AlGohar not only approaches Sufism in uniquely analytical and educational way, he also explains how to apply it practically.