About the Women's Sufi Course

What you need to know

It is a common misconception that Sufism is best suited for men, given that most well-known Sufis have been men. However, history has seen great female mystics. From the very first Muslim Sufi and Sultan ul Fuqra, Fatima tul Zahra, to the famous Sufi saintess, Rabia al Basri, these pioneering women have made significant contributions to the Sufi way. Their lives and poetry have inspired women and men alike to seek a deeper connection with God.

In Sufism, the main focus is achieving inner purity and establishing a direct contact with God. Your body - male, female or gender-neutral - is but a container for your inner faculties, whereas your reality is your soul.

The Women's Sufi Course is aimed at encouraging women to adopt practical Sufism and utilising their God-gifted qualities to improve their esoteric and outer life. 

O’ Lord, if I worship You

Because of fear of hell

Then burn me in hell. 

If I worship You

Because I desire paradise

Then exclude me from paradise.

But if I worship You

For Yourself alone

Then deny me not

Your eternal beauty.

- Rabia al Basri